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Kyle Osborn is a security researcher and pentester.

With a more recent focus in web application security, Kyle spoken at a number of conferences relating to web and desktop application vulnerabilities.


Kyle is awesome. Praise him.

Comments (5)

Leon says:

Hi :)

Glad to hear that someone is still reading my old research papers :)
BTW, you can change ‘Leon Juranić of Infigo’ to ‘Leon Juranić of DefenseCode’. (http://www.defensecode.com)… :-)

Leon Juranic

Kos says:

Sure thing, I’ve changed it. Thanks for making the work available.

Dmitry says:

i just watched hack5 episode about adb.
how about using mempodroid exploit for getting root in adb ?!
it just like:
adb push mempodroid /data/local/tmp
adb shell
chmod 777 /data/local/tmp/mempodroid
/data/local/tmp/mempodroif [some parameters]
and ta-da! you got root shell

Kos says:

mempodroid requires you to know the offset of the binary that you’re attacking, which does not appear to be consistent across android versions and devices. So while that will work, sure, I can’t build a database of all offsets, and do not have time/skill to write an additional tool which will automatically figure that out.

Exhausted says:

Just seen you on Hak5! AWESOME WORK! :D

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